Forum will submit a total amendment to the 2018 budget project

Image result for oviedoThe Board of Directors of Asturias Forum has agreed on Wednesday to present in the Congress of Deputies an amendment to the draft General State Budget (PGE) of 2018.

This has been confirmed in a press conference held in Oviedo by the president of the party and the secretary general, Cristina Coto and Francisco Álvarez-Cascos respectively. The reason for this rejection of the project is that they understand that it supposes a “manifest breach” of the coalition agreement that Forum and PP signed to attend the last elections.

Likewise, they have agreed to submit amendments to the respective Sections of the Ministries of Development, Education and Culture, Industry and Energy, Economy and the Presidency, which include the main breaches that they believe have occurred.

Coto pointed out that no ministry has negotiated anything with the Forum “despite knowing that our support is subject to compliance with the electoral commitments made.” In that sense, has indicated that his party is fulfilling its part “but the PP Government is not fulfilling his to advance substantially on issues that are key to the immediate future of Asturias.”

Thus, he has referred to the investment of 232.8 million euros in these PGE is an “unacceptable fall” of 15.85%, after the 2016 amendments Forum amendments increase investment in Asturias to 276, 6 million. “However, Coto said that the figures of euros are a necessary condition” but not enough “, since Asturias” does not serve any destination of budgeted euros, but the result of its application to the end established. “

Coto has also referred to the words of Podemos spokesman, Emilio Leon, who has criticized the Forum’s rejection of the Credit Law asking them if they would dare to do the same with the PGE of the PP. In that sense, has described the credit law as “sloppy Javier Fernandez” and said that the announcement of the amendment to the PGE all shows that “Forum is very serious in defending Asturias, while they – We can – they settle for the crumbs. “


Among the most serious breach made by the Forum to reject these PGEs is that the European width and the high speed between Asturias and Madrid are not guaranteed. “A key point for the Forum to support them,” he stressed, adding that the times between Gijón and Oviedo with Madrid “are not comparable with the rest of the capitals and main cities of Spain.”

On the Metrotrén de Gijón, Cristina Coto pointed out that the PGE does not contain provisions for works in this legislature to “furnish” the tunnel between Viesques and the Railway Museum and no new one is contemplated until Cabueñes “that does not even have plans”.

In addition, it has indicated that the Ronda Norte de Oviedo has not assigned relevant quantities and that the southwestern highway does not have significant advances, by collecting only a “small departure” to double the 2 kilometers between Salas and El Regueirón in a vital communication for the inner West of Asturias “.

Coto also explained that the continuity of thermal power plants requires items dedicated to the reduction of environmental emissions and that specific aid is needed for Asturias to improve industrial competitiveness and create employment, in addition to not including the fulfillment of the State debt with Asturias “to comply with the Sentence signed on Mining Funds”.

In cultural matters, he highlighted that the 550,000 euros allocated for 2018 in the protection of the Asturian Pre-Romanesque is the same amount that was in the last fiscal year of 2017 “and that had a low degree of execution”. In this regard, he pointed out that the Forum finds it “inexplicable” that on Monday an investment by the State of 663,000 euros for the rehabilitation of San Miguel de Lillo was announced, “which does not appear in the 2017 PGE or in the project. of PGE 2018 “.

On the other hand, he has also described the Asturian demographic crisis as a “serious problem”, he recalled that the region has the lowest birth rate in Spain and has urgently demanded a European Court Plan.


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The Secretary General of the Forum, Álvarez-Cascos, pointed out that the Minister of Public Works, Íñigo de la Serna, announced in December “that Asturias will not be a high-speed community”. Something that Cascos is not “subjective” and assumes that the investments programmed for Asturias “are for a different purpose than the one signed in the pact.”

Thus, it has indicated that the “scenario” is “different from the PGE of 2017, since, according to the Forum, the PP has not complied with the amendments they submitted to the previous accounts.” Each party has to display their letters and we we show what we have since 2015 “, said Cascos with the electoral program with which they presented themselves to the 2015 general elections together with the PP in hand.

With that, the former minister has affirmed that he continues to trust that this commitment will be fulfilled, “but in the meantime we exercise the right to present amendments”. “We hope they prosper,” said Cascos, who has ruled that his party seeks to give the image of defending the interests of Asturias and signed the agreement with the PP “in good faith.”